Majo no Tabitabi Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2
Fake Witch

Author: Shiraishi Jougi
Art: Azuru
Translator: The Child of Lily


My hard boiled days were always started with a cup of coffee.

One cup of coffee was the most suitable for someone who act as a spy, for someone who lives under the shadow to get rid of sleepiness. …that was some hard boiled things written in the novels, so I think it was true.

In addition, there were also hard boiled things like adding some drugs. That’s why I drip a drug into the coffee and then drink it. That was my daily routine.

By the way, I didn’t know what kind of drugs it was, it was something brought by mail order. Maybe it was good for health since the price was very high.

“Ueeee… so bitter.”

I think this bitterness was the one who destroy the sleepiness. May be so. It wasn’t written though. Coffee was absurdly so bad and bitter, there was no other taste but a dirt taste. It must because of nausea created by this dirt-like taste, the feel of sleepiness no longer important. There was no such description written in the spy novel, but on the other hand there was a description about how delicious the black coffee was. I’m sure it was some kind of satire or black joke. Black coffee though.

“… ueeee”

For the time being, today too, I nonchalantly went to the workplace after throwing up in the toilet. Incidentally I also took a cigarette (chocolate stick) with me. Truly hard boiled.

My workplace was a building belonging to a spy organization with an appearance of a coffee shop. While overflowing with intelligence aura in front, at the back of the store, a bloody battle is taking its place. Truly hard boiled right?

“Yuri, you came? It is so sudden but there is work for you.”

The one who called me like that was a sour middle aged man. The organization’s boss.

I have already forgotten since it was a very long time ago but, I was picked up when abandoned, the one who raised me was this uncle. Because I was hard boiled, I forgot about the past!

“Hn. that’s something suitable for me right?” I said so while fluttering my hair. To act like that in front of the boss, surely I was hard boiled.

“Only you can do this job — look at this!” the boss throws the file to the table with wrinkled eyebrows. “And, since when do you have the bravery to act and talk like that in front of me?”

His glare was intense.

With trembling fingers I open the file. The contents were simple. However, because it was simple, it was a difficult request.

「Request assassination of fake witch」

The title of request was written like that, along with the target basic characteristic and the execution date.

It was said that the target was a witch traveler who came to this country several days ago. Even though the appearance of this witch is very beautiful, her bad personality is incomparable. She will deceive people without any slight hesitation, and only think about how to make money. Making use of all possible scam methods to rip everyone’s money off, starting from innocent citizens up to the royals. It said she was a demon among the demons. The damage reports were continuously sent from surrounding countries, and it won’t be exaggerating to say that the damage she will make in this country was enough to destroy a small country.

And above such evilness was her troublesome title of witch.

Sorcerer, witch apprentice, witch. It was the highest title among the title of magic user given to the one with exceptional ability. I’ve never seen even one of them in my 16 years of living in this country. Their existence is so rare to such an extent.

That witch is so evil, and now, she was the target I should take down.


“I won’t take such requests out just for a joke!”

“No, but… I just a sorcerer you know…” I forgot to say, I was at the lowest level of magic user. If witch is a jewel, then I’m just equal to rock that rolled around there.

“However, there is no one else we could ask except you. As you know about our organization, everyone is male except you. There are a lot of capable people if it is not about magic. To put it bluntly, if it’s about a magic case, you are the one who has the highest survival rate.”

“… in other words, it’s a job that only I can do, right?” I see?

“I just said that you stupid head!”

The boss took a sigh as if he gave up.

I, while having my tension go up, looked at the target’s characteristic once more.


Majo no Tabitabi Vol. 15 Chapter 1 Episode 9

Majo no Tabitabi Vol. 15 Chapter 1 Episode 9

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Today my sister came to me when I went home for work and was sorting my luggage.

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