Easy Going Adventurer and +999 Bronze Sword 01

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Even Though I Just Want to be A Easy Going Adventurer! ~The Legendary Sword is No Match For Bronze Sword+999 in Front of Me~


Kirakuna Boukensha de Itainoni! ~Dou no tsurugi +999 no mae ni wa Densetsu no Ken mo Kanaimasen~

Author : △iX

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One day, after defeating skeleton, newbie female adventurer, Kurishuna, get bronze sword drop item. When she used her “appraisal” skill to check the sword, the sword adsorb magical power from surrounding and became Bronze Sword +999 which was clearly much stronger than legendary weapon.

She wanted to continue being easy going adventure after got SSS-rank bronze sword, but her surrounding not allow her. And somehow an orphaned (little) girl from fallen noble who was come along with her tried to produce her to become hero.

Wherever they go, the two of them will create an uproar!

Shuna, Picks up The Bronze Sword

Translated by AYA Translation [aya.sanusi.id]

Himmers Ritter. In the Holy Spirit system, it was in the 6th rank of summoned beast.  Floating in the air, its appearance was covered in divine white armor and head of centaur skull. There was big spear on its hand. With that explanation, what kind of figure do you imagine?

That appearance, which was like messenger of the God, have enough dignity to make human to feel absolute death that they can’t resist. And behind such knight, there was chubby… err, plump… no, a priest with obvious physical body laughing out loud.

“Ha ha ha! You bastard, I will finish you with this! You won’t be forgiven because you confront me who was the servant of the God!”

Ah… ah…

The sisters of the orphan were greatly frightened.

How to say it, just to take over an orphan, why someone had to summon monster that can be used as ultimate weapon in cross-nation war?

Well, it can’t be helped. Just a while ago, a former S rank adventurer was beaten at its own game.

“Okay then, yosho.”

I swung short sword on my hand with lack of spirit yell

“Im, impossible!!!” the priest screamed.

Which wasn’t surprising.

Because with my single swing, the 6th rank hyper class monster vanished in an instant.  It’s not like because I was amazing or something. The amazing one was the sword.

The story return to some months ago.


*    *    *


My name is Kurishuna Romun Padina. Kurishuna who came from Padina village. 16 years old girl and just became adventurer.

I was raised at remote village. There were many cases where the children were abandoned in the town to reduce family burden. In that time, it would be good to find some odd jobs. A live in jobs will be more than welcomed.  A woman selling job too, well, that’s…

Among a lot jobs, there was adventurer… which was the lowest class. Well, that because their safety couldn’t be guaranteed.

Although I’m woman, I only have seedy-looking body and lack of charm. In the first place just imagining sleeping with a man makes my back feel itchy. But I also had never dream about my first time should be with someone I like. And because when in the village I was running around the hill and mountain with the boys,  I thought something that I can do is just become adventurer. although it’s the lowest job class, I was fired up with hope.

And because I accidentally had “appraisal” skill, the time when I was tricked during drop item trade was only few.

One year after becoming adventurer.

After met reliable trader by chance, somehow I can make barely enough money for everyday life. At that time, I met this sword.


*    *    *


(Recollection of that day).

“Ow, skeleton huh. They are weak but it’s good because their sword not disappear.”

Discovering the appearance of my prey I was licking my own lips in high spirit. I said skeleton was weak monster, that’s because among new adventurer I was considered strong enough. For me their movement is nothing but no movement at all… well, that’s too exaggerate, but they were really slow.

“One, two… there are six of them huh. Well, I need maintenance for my leather armor soon. At least two! If possible then tree of you, give me drop item!”

Of course I wasn’t an idiot who challenge six skeleton at once. There was famous saying that adventurer is the one that don’t take risk. Pushing too much is forbidden. Instant carelessness will lead to lose of one’s life.

“Even though I said that, special hunting strategy is needed for solo adventurer like me.”

They had poor sight.

Well, yeah, they had no eyes to begin with, may be they can felt live sign at certain distance. And that distance was small.

Even if they were threat if we got closer,  but when attacking from distance, they can’t recognize the attacker and moving in confusion. Even so, because they had no flesh on their body, arrow wasn’t very effective on them.

“There are some arrow with attribute that effective against them, but the impact when the arrow hit make it can’t be used anymore…. There is no way newbie adventurer have such expensive thing.”

Then, what should I do?

So I knot a rope into lasso and rotate it overhead. Carefulness was needed when doing something like this, if not the rope will caught protruded rocks that naturally grown inside the dungeon. Within momentum of the rotation…. I threw it.


Threw the rope from hiding place, I successfully put the rope on one of them. After tightening the rope, I pull it to my hiding place. The other five weren’t realize that one them was disappeared. What a thickheaded guys.

“Please don’t feel bad.”

Leaking totally villainous lines, I stab my dagger to the struggling skeleton’s eye. Protected inside the skull, a finger sized magic stone that make the skeleton move broken. Under special environment like dungeon, a mass of magical power that hidden inside human brain wasn’t disappear but crystallized and became magic stone. There was no hesitation since its no longer have will like when still alive.

“Yes! It drop bronze sword!”

The collapsed skeleton was adsorbed by the dungeon but the bronze sword that he (or she?) carried didn’t seem so.

“Fufufu, I wonder if there is additional effect~”

Observing drop item like this bronze sword with “appraisal” skill. I like that moment. It’s exciting to know what kind of magical power hidden in drop item. Of course there were items that didn’t have any additional effect, but since bronze sword was the weakest drop item, the probability of having additional effect was high.

“I wonder if it will go as far as +3 like that time~. I can wildly enjoy myself that time, got all new equipment and stay in an inn with bath for one month. If by any chance I got more than +4, then how much money I can get?”

It seems drop item additional effect didn’t really related to monster strength. One of senior adventurer once said, it’s just like how many times you can get the same side when tossing a coin.

“It came!”

When I watched dropped bronze sword on the floor, I saw residual magic power left by now disappeared skeleton body transferred into the sword.

“Attached! “Sharpening” huh. Not bad.”

Additional effects for magical weapon were usually “sharpening” or “hit”. How many plus bronze sword had is based on how many additional effect it had.

It seems there was bronze sword +20 confirmed in the capital. Of course that still nothing compared to legendary weapon, but with “sharpening 13” (and other 7 additional effect), it could cut dragon scale. For bronze sword +1, at least it can cut quilt, or hard cloth armor. There was story a certain marquis made that sword their heirloom and gave it grand name “Scale Slasher”.

There was also rare additional effect like “Magic Invocation: Fire Magic (small)”. Weapon with rare additional effect has high value despite the plus only 1. Well I’ve already pick a lot of bronze sword but never found one.

“Now then, let’s finish the other five quickly.”

While motivating myself, I swing my rope again.




“Ohooo! Big catch! Big catch!”

I holding my lips from making smile. There were three drops from five bodies. Furthermore, all of them had plus. One have +2 with “hit” effect +2. It if magical weapon in this range of price, specialized type will be more preferred over the overall effect, so I can sell it in quite high price. With today’s earning, not only I can repair my leather armor, but also I can eat gorgeous dinner.

“I’d like to stop hunting for today but… you’re will be lonely alone right? Let’s send you your friend’s place.”

After spit out villain-like lines again, I threw the rope to the latest skeleton. However, there was mistake in my measurement. The rope didn’t caught skeleton’s neck, but hit its skull and and drop it to the ground.



The skeleton looking at it surrounding.

(Please, don’t notice me…!)

It’s not like I can’t win in the fight, I just didn’t want to cross the dangerous bridge. I’ve heard a lot of stories where adventurers were losing their live by weak monsters just because bad luck.

However that skeleton noticed.

Beyond the rope that rolled on the floor, there was a lone person.

“It’s bad, our eyes (?) meet!”

In an instant the skeleton headed to me with terrific speed. It was skeleton unique ability called “Sword Bash” or “Assault”. Because it was running from some distance, its attack gave a strong blow.


I receive that attack in panic and tried trip its feet. However, my kick landed in empty air, destroying my posture.

“It’s bad. I was completely in enemy’s pace.”

I was doing my best to coping with skeleton’s random wild attack. Even my feeling can follow its attack, but my body didn’t seem so.

(Calm down, calm down… It’s just an enemy that originally I can’t lose to.)

However, when I was impatiently coping with skeleton attack, something happened. From the dungeon ceiling, a rainbow colored thing dropped and began to jumping here and there.

“Wha, what is this!? Enemy? Or trap? I’ve never see something like this! Rainbow colored…. Slime?”

Skeleton fierce attack and jumping around rainbow colored slime drove me into my highest panic state. But at that time, I saw my single victory line.

(That skeleton, it can’t raise up its left arm…? I see, because it too close to the wall, the wall become obstacle to it for raising its arm!)

Then if you attack the enemy from it left side, you can blow one attack without being prevented. It’s very close to the wall though, but if it’s me then I can do it. Jeez, let’s just gambling to this intuition!

“Eeei! Hit please!”

I thrust my sword with all of my power. Unexpectedly, the rainbow colored slime that were jumping to all over the place suddenly jump between my sword and the skeleton’s vital point. My sword went through the slime and pierce skeleton’s left eye, destroying its magic stone.

When the skeleton falling slowly, I also fell on my back and having rough breath.




“Ha, ha, ha, ha… so tired! How to say it, I also cut the slime. Did the slime drop something?”

The skeleton body slowly crumbled.

“Yosh! At least there is sword dropped. When struggling this much usually there is no drop. Well, I got four sword today. It’s a big catch.”

With this, may be I can stay in a room with private bath for one night. But before that I need to carefully look how many plus it has with my “appraisal”.

“… Ooo, the first is “sharpening”huh. That’s good! All of four swords today have plus!? This one may be has +2! +2 please come! Any effect is fine!”

In there I saw the remaining magical power from defeated skeleton flowing to the sword.

“Ooo~! It’s amazing! Another “sharpening” is attached! What wrong with today!? To get “sharpening 2” and “hit 2” is huge result!”

… however, I know nothing that time. That was just a beginning.

“Eee!? Ma, may be it become +3!? I can live in high class in for one month with this…. No, let’s use it as main weapon and graduate from beginner dungeon. Ah, but bath is…”

When I was talking like that, more magical power flowing from the skeleton.

“Pu, pu, plus 4…!? My, my first time seeing it! Not only I can stay in high class in, but can also just playing and not working for three years! And furthermore, the effect is “sharpening 4”… although it wasn’t as high as Scale Slasher, but with this I can cut orc king or rock troll…”

I gradually became scared. However, that bronze sword keep giving the same side of tossed coin.

“Pu, plus 5…. What is this “Dimensional Storage” is….?”

“Plus 7… “Contract Weapon”? Never heard of it….”

“Plus 10… house… I can buy house with it.”

“Hahaha… plus 20… it’s equal to scale slasher now. The effect is… “growth synthesis”?”

No longer from the skeleton body, I saw the magical power from the dungeon itself flowed into the sword.

“Plus 99… this is the limit right…?”

“Plus 100! Still continue!?”

“Plus 269… “sharpening 99”… fufufu”

“Plus 327. Finally “Magic Invocation” series ended. And the effect now is… “Holy Spirit System Special Attack”. Don’t tell me that from now “Special Attack” series will continue?”

“Plus 682… “Limit breaker””

“Plus 695… are you serious? The sharpening started to raise again? How far it will be gone?”

“Plus 819. It’s “Ability Disguising” huh. Somehow it’s look shabby. Hahaha…”

“Plus 907… “Parallel Intelligence”…?”

And then.

“Plus 999… “Infinity””

I waited for a while. But it seems the flow of magical power was stopped.

“A, ahahahaha. Who have thought that this sword is +999? That’s impossible right? Ah! That’s right! It must be some error caused by my “appraisal” skill. Yeah, right, it must be like that.”

I pick that sword to test it, and then,

「Recognizing Kurishuna Romun Padina as the owner. The contract is completed. From now the name of the weapon is “The Sword of Kurishuna”. Nobody else can use the weapon except the master.」

I feel like some voice resounded inside my head but… don’t mind it.

“Just my imagination, just my imagination. Even this sword doesn’t have “sharpening 120”, it’s just normal bronze sword. So, if I cut stone like this, then…”

I tried to swing down the sword.


“Uwah, it’s so bright…”

I cut off the dungeon’s ceiling, make the sunshine shone upon dark soil on the bottom of the dungeon.

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