Easy Going Adventurer and +999 Bronze Sword V1 +000

Easy Going Adventure and +999 Bronze Sword

“Ohooo! Big catch! Big catch!”

I was holding back my lips from making a smile. There were three drops from five bodies. Furthermore, all of them had pluses.

One had +2, with the “Hit Correction” effect +2.  If it was a magical weapon in this price range, a specialized type would be more preferable  over an overall effect, so I can sell it at a high price. With today’s earnings, not only could I  repair my leather armor, but I can also eat a gorgeous dinner.

“I’d like to stop hunting for today but… you will be lonely if I left you alone right? Let’s send you to your friend’s place.”

After spitting out villain-like lines again, I threw the rope towards the last skeleton. However, there was a mistake in my measurement. The rope didn’t catch the skeleton’s neck, but instead hit its skull and and dropped  to the ground.



The skeleton started looking at its surroundings.

(Please, don’t notice me…!)

It’s not like I can’t win  the fight, I just didn’t want to cross that dangerous bridge. I’ve heard a lot of stories where adventurers  lost their lives against weak monsters just because of bad luck.

However that skeleton noticed. Beyond the rope that had rolled onto the floor, there was a lone person.

“It’s bad, our eyes (?) met!”

In an instant the skeleton headed to me with a terrific speed. It was the skeleton unique ability called “Sword Bash” or “Assault”. Because it was running from a  distance, its attack was a strong blow.


I received that attack in a panic and tried to trip its feet. However, my kick landed in empty air, destroying my posture.

“It’s bad. I’m  completely in the enemy’s pace.”

I was doing my best to cope with the skeleton’s random, wild attacks. Even though my senses could follow its attacks, my body didn’t seem to be able to.

(Calm down, calm down… It’s just an enemy that I originally couldn’t lose to.)

However, when I was impatiently coping with the skeleton’s attack, something happened. From the dungeon ceiling, a rainbow colored thing dropped and began to jump here and there.

“Wha, what is this!? Enemy? Or trap? I’ve never see something like this! Rainbow colored…. Slime?”

The skeleton’s fierce attacks and the  bouncing rainbow colored slime drove me into my highest state of panic.

But at that time, I saw my single path to victory.

(That skeleton, it can’t raise its left arm…? I see, because it’s too close to the wall, the wall has become an obstacle to it for raising its arm!)

Thus if you attacked the enemy from its left side, you can land one attack without it being prevented. It’s very close to the wall though, but if it’s me then I can do it.

Jeez, let’s just gamble on this intuition!

“Eeei! Hit please!”

I thrust my sword with all of my power. And unexpectedly, the rainbow colored slime that was jumping everywhere suddenly jumped between my sword and the skeleton’s vital point.

My sword went through the slime and pierced the skeleton’s left eye, destroying its magic stone. While the skeleton was falling slowly, I also fell on my back and breathed roughly.


“Ha, ha, ha, ha… so tired! How to say it, I also cut the slime. Did the slime drop something?”

The skeleton’s body slowly crumbled.

“Yosh! At least there is a sword drop. Usually when there’s this much of a struggle,there’s  no drop. Well, I got four swords today. It’s a big catch.”

With this, maybe I can stay in a room with a private bath for one night. But before that I need to carefully look how many pluses it has with my “appraisal”.

“… Ooo, the first is “Sharpening” huh. That’s good! All  four swords today have pluses!? This one maybe has a +2! +2 please come! Any effect is fine!”

In there I saw the remaining magical power from the defeated skeleton flowing into the sword.

“Ooo~! It’s amazing! Another “Sharpening” has been attached! What’s wrong with today!? To get “Sharpening” +2 and “Hit Correction” +2 is a huge result!”

… However, I knew nothing.  I didn’t know that this was just the beginning.

“Eee!? Ma-, maybe it became +3!? I can live in a high class inn for one month with this…. No, let’s use it as a main weapon and graduate from the beginner dungeon. Ah, but a bath is…”

When I was talking like that, more magical power flowed from the skeleton.

“Pu, pu, plus four…!? My, my first time seeing it! Not only can I stay in a high class inn, but I can also just play and not work for three years! And furthermore, the effect is “Sharpening” +4… Although it isn’t as high as Scale Slasher, but with this, I can cut orc king or rock troll…”

I gradually became scared. However, that bronze sword kept giving the same side of a tossed coin.

“Pu, plus 5…. What is this “Dimensional Storage” ….?”

“Plus 7… “Contract Weapon”? Never heard of it….”

“Plus 10… House… I can buy a house with it.”

“Hahaha… Plus 20… it’s equal to Scale Slasher now. The effect is… “Growth Synthesis”?”

No longer originating from the skeleton body, I could see the magical power from the dungeon itself flowing into the sword.

“Plus 99… This is the limit right…?”

“Plus 100! Still continuing!?”

“Plus 269… “Sharpening” +99… fufufu”

“Plus 327. Finally the “Magic Invocation” series ended. And the effect now is… “Holy Spirit System Special Attack”. Don’t tell me that from now on, the “Special Attack” series will continue?”

“Plus 682… “Limit Breaker””

“Plus 695… Are you serious? The Sharpening started to rise again? How far  will it go?”

“Plus 819. It’s “Ability Disguising” huh. Somehow it’s looks shabby. Hahaha…”

“Plus 907… “Parallel Intelligence”…?”

And then.

“Plus 999… “Infinity””

I waited for a while. But it seems the flow of magical power had stopped.

“A, ahahahaha. Who thought that this sword was +999? That’s impossible right? Ah! That’s right! It must be some error caused by my “Appraisal” skill. Yeah, right, it must be like that.”

I pick up that sword to test it, and then,

「Recognizing Kurishuna Romun Padina as the owner. The contract is completed. From now on, the name of the weapon is “The Sword of Kurishuna”. Nobody else can use the weapon except the master.」

I feel like some voice resounded inside my head but… don’t mind it, don’t mind it.

“Just my imagination, just my imagination. This sword doesn’t even have “Sharpening +120”, it’s just a normal bronze sword. So, if I cut stone like this, then…”

I tried to swing  the sword.


“Uwah, it’s so bright…”

My sword cut away  the dungeon’s ceiling, making  sunshine shine upon the dark soil of the floor of the dungeon.

Easy Going Adventure and +999 Bronze Sword

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