Necromancer Girl – Illustration

Necromancer Girl
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Necromancer Girl

12 thoughts on “Necromancer Girl – Illustration

  1. so it turned from a yuri twosome to a threesome? hope nene doesn’t get put on the back burner cause of it though.

  2. This Flan does not look like the Fran I imagine, that is overly cheerful and would even start acting like a dog on command… And what’s with the screw?
    That aside, who’s this Rose? She wasn’t mentioned in the novel, so far, even once…

    1. Rose is new character in LN, and will only appear in LN. Overall story between LN and WN still same, but LN has more additional story (about Rose, and her relation with Nene).

  3. Seems like there will be a plot difference i hate that which One is technically cannon ahhhhhh

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