Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 01

By the way, it’s the same author who writes Juu sai no Saikyou Madoushi.

Kicked Out


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
Translator: AYA Translation


“Get out from our party. You’re nuisance.”

My ears couldn’t believe what the Hero, Brygis just said.

“Nuisance? What do you mean? I’m properly help the party, aren’t I?”

“Not at all! The previous battle was terrible! While we were desperately defending the front, you just looking without doing anything! At least you can use recovery magic!”

“It can’t be help right!? I’m necromancer, I can’t use any magic except necromancy! I also said that when entering the party right!? And I also manipulate defeated enemies to fight!”

The Hero made bitter expression.

“Can’t use any other magic? That’s just your excuse! Have you make an effort to try use other magic!? Have you try to cross your own limit!? There is possibility that you can!”

“I told you, that’s impossible! Necromancers have contract with God of necromancy Osiris! And because Osiris is extremely jealous Goddess, yo can be cursed to the death if you learn other magic!”

When I tried to properly explain my circumstances, the priestess, Sara interject. With flirting sight, she came to the hero and whispered with wriggling body.

“Hero-sama~ isn’t it better to say it clearly~? That necromancer is just disgusting~”


My body froze.

The Hero clicking his tongue and shrugged his shoulder.

“Well, simply to put, it’s like that. At first our fighting power was not enough so it can’t be help, we have to use you, but it’s disgusting to have necromancer in my party. The image is bad. It’s unacceptable for us who give people with light to be together with corpse right?”

“It can’t be help and have to use me? What was that? I was invited to enter Hero party and left my village you know! At this point, there is no way I can return there! What should I do if you kick me out from the party!?”

Necromancy village is a forbidden village. Normal people are not allowed to enter, and the villager also not allowed to leave. In other words, I was just rebellious girl who broke the village rule. If I returned there, they will execute me and use me as sacrifice for Osiris.

“I don’t care about your future! That’s because your self-improvement effort is bad! Damn, I thought someone from forbidden family will have great power, but not even can use flame magic? What was that!?”

“Self improvement, self-improvement, self-improvement! That’s why muscle head is so annoying! Don’t think everything can be done just by doing the best! You, can you become women if you cut off your dick!? You can’t right? If  you can, I will acknowledge you!”

“The way you talk too! Can’t you become more girly? I prefer gentle and graceful woman… the only good thing is just the face… what a waste.”

Sara giggled when she saw the hero’s sour face.

“That’s right~ the great men have great fondness for sensual pleasure, Hero-sama is popular you know. If you become his partner at night, maybe you won’t need to worry that you will be kicked out.”

“Partner at night? There is now way I will do such disgusting thing!!”

That’s reminded me, occasionally the hero looked at me like he was licking me all over… was that his sexual desire!? Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible! I was just 14 years you know! There was no way the hero is pervert old man!

I might be hit the mark since the hero raised his eyes.

“Disgusting you say? Disgusting necromancer girl like you should be thankful if I let you give me service for free. If you incompetent then dedicate your incompetent body!”

“No no no no… The Hero who adored by everyone shouldn’t say something like that!”

I felt goosebumps all over my body. However, Bahamunk, the warrior with uselessly huge biceps bowed his head.

“Hero’s order is absolute. In the first place, manipulating enemy’s dead body is disgrace to the warrior’s soul. Fight with your own fist, with your own fist.”

“But I’m necromancer!”

Am I must hit a monster with this weak fist!? It’s gonna be break!

“Aren’t you bit stink!? What is it? Corpse smell? Don’t come any closer please?”

Sara unpleasantly pinch her nose in sudden.

“Here, a farewell gift. Take this and get out of my face”

The hero took out some coins from his pocket and threw them to me.

It’s hurt. But the pain on the body is nothing compared the pain in the heart. Some people who I considered as comrade and trusted my live to them, turned out just some bastards that made fool of me.

“…I understand. Bye bye.”

Grinding my back teeth, I ran away from my former comrade.

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  1. Welp ………

    I thought she’d killed herself then and there to show them but……

    Then I remembered this isn’t those dark dark betrayal novels

    But the FLUFFY YURI novels

    So I’m actually looking forward now

    Thanks for the chap!

  2. To be fair, necromancy isn’t all that useful to a strong party, and undead ARE disgusting. It doesn’t seem like she’s been using the curses, healing, and crowd control magic of the necromancers I’ve seen in other settings, either, just the ability to raise undead. This is probably the only time I’ve seen an abandoned hero novel where the character being abandoned makes sense.

    That said, necromancy’s absurdly strong solo, especially if the necromancer knows the future and can control her minions accordingly.

    +1 looking forward to the fluffy yuri

    1. Depends on the undead, zombies are icky, but skeletons are technically clean, and ghosts can have all kinds of fun dps or status effects.

      Minion necromancers are also decent for taking pressure off the tank, as they have disposable minions for defending everybody at once, rather than just one at a time. Lastly, if they have the numbers, they can completely shut down the enemy’s manuvering abilities just by occupying all the space around them.

      Also, unless some people are staying out of the argument, the party only has three people. Healer, warrior, and necromancer. If they kick out the necro, they’re down to the standard tank + healer combo. It’s a decent baseling, but they’ll be completely useless on dps and crowd control.

    2. Makes sense? When fighting against an army, for every enemy that gets taken down, one more soldier joins your own ranks. How is that useless? I’d like to see those heroes face an army of thousands and thousands of high-level enemies, without an army of their own, then let’s see how long they last…

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