Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 27

Yuri Necromancer
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Yuri Necromancer

13 thoughts on “Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 27

          1. Junior who WAS tied with chain on his handS and feet made grimacING face because he can’t move. He completely becAme a monster, the cuteness of mayor’s son was no longer there (he was not really cute from the beginning though).

            “Waaai, game over~! I’m win!! So, let’s kill!” — I win

            When I hit the magic circle with my staff, electric current rAn through the chain, makING junior’s giant body twitch.

            “I SAID wait! There is something good I want to talk ABOUT! The son of the mayor is still alive!”

            “The mayor’s son…? Well, it’s fine, I dIDn’t really hear it so let’s kill!”

            “You properly hearD it right!? I locked up the real mayor’s son! He still has some value it seems.”

            When I take my staff off from magic circle the electric current stopped. We could get more remuneration from the mayor if the kid was fine.
            In the first playthrough the hero immediately slEy Junior without asking any questions so we didn’t know that the real kid was still alive.

            While having difficulty to breath, Junior sneerED.

            “Ha, hahahah… now the situation is reserved. If you value the live of the hostage, then kneel down and lick my foot.” — Reserved? Reversed?

            “Are you making fun of me? Die!”


            Obliteration was a right thing to do for bastard who orderS a maiden to do such a shameful thing.

            “I will count to ten, then I will take TO the other one, okay? Then, one,”

            “What DID I say? Did I say something? I don’t remember! So, one!”

            The miasma from magic circle blEw up, scattering Junior’s giant body.

            “Fiuh~ finally it becAme quiet~”

            I depart to the cave after brushING ofF the dirt from my dress.

            Reader note: Don’t be complacent when a bad English user says that it doesn’t need editing.

        1. IMHO, you need to fix your English reading.
          Else your writing will start to suffer as well and you’ll be the equivalent of a crippled person, a person who can’t even differentiate between what is wrong and what correct.

          1. No. One of the major purposes of communication is transmission of meaning. I understood the meaning of what was transmitted and it was to my satisfaction.

          2. Editing is not making it more understandable.
            If you needed to edit to make it more understandable it’s called a rewrite.

            Edit is just a way of correcting what already exists so that it does not have mistakes. Example would be past and present or future in the same sentence. Words not being in their correct forms or the like.

            Your assumption or you’re assumption. You would probably understand which one it is supposed to mean, but if it’s errored should be corrected.

  1. I can’t believe Junior really thought he could blackmail Nene when he himself was already so cornered. Did he really think Nene was one of those naive, idealistic heroes?
    Thanks for the chapter

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