Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 15

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Chapter  15
Ruina’s First Teaching

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

After I and Linde became friend, we went out to play in town.

Since my date with Ruina was ended prematurely because Linde challenged to duel, we intended to continue it.

And because Linde also there, it was not date two people date, but it was three people date, it was very romantic.

We also drank couple juice with three people in Cranberry.

The shop’s clerk was watching us with a strange look, but i ignore it.

The situation of drinking juice with two beautiful girls in single glass was the best. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 02 – The World After Death

It’s short!

Chapter 2
The World After Death


“…Haa… Where is this?”

Miko woke up in a place that she didn’t know. In that place there is only whiteness as far as can be seen.

“Certainly, I’ve stabbed by Akiho and should be dead right?”

Miko checked her abdomen to confirm, but there is no trace of being stabbed. When she looked at her surrounding, in front of her, appeared a person whom hidden by dazzling light.

“The soul of the dead is confirmed. With this, movement procedure will be started.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 01 – Prologue

Another yuri (harem) story here…

Chapter 1


“Stand, bow, thank you very much.”

After finishing after school gratitude, one by one students left classroom. They left with spirit for after school part time job or going to do club activities. Among them, there was a single girl – Sousuke Miko – who leaving classroom since her preparation was done. She left classroom and changed her shoes in front of shoe locker. In 20 meters gap between entrance and school gate, there were a lot of students. When Miko walked half way to school gate, one student boy called her. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 14

Last part of Bring Linde Back.
Next time, we have another story…

Chapter 14
Let’s Bring Linde Back to School part 3


In the end, since already late night, we decided to go to Linde’s place tomorrow morning.

It seems Linde lives in students’ dormitory alone.

And because tomorrow is a holiday we have relax talk with Myurei-sensei.

“So, Nagi-chan, how is your plan to persuade Linde-chan?”
“It’s not like I plan something to persuade her. I just want to become her friend. When that happen, I’ll do something.” Continue reading

The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon? – 01

I give up on translating and editing this series… it’s too damn hard!
This work is interesting (at least for me), The story is good, but not on how it’s written. The author is like to use idioms, that’s fine for me. But repeated sentences (different words, same meaning), weird sentence structure, and use wrong kanji which messed everything up (just like my translation, lol) is killing me.
I’m done with it, I’d rather translating another series.

Chapter 1
The Sleeping Beauty (read: Demon King)


7 Brumaire, Year 438 of Continental History

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 13

Chapter 13
Let’s Bring Linde Back to School Part 2


“Eh..? Linde wasn’t coming to school since that duel?”

I was shocked by what Myurei-sensei talked about.

It seems since Linde lost to me in that duel, she absent from her class.

Ah, that’s right, there was one empty seat in classroom but I never thought that was Linde’s.

How should I put it, the one who I defeated in duel became my classmate? Continue reading

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 13

Ferris so cute this chapter…
I hope her cuteness is transmitted…
ED: FrozenInk

Chapter 13
Fun School


The next morning, Ferris who went to class from the dormitory was surrounded by her classmates.

“Hei, hei Ferris-chanー” “Ferris isー” “You areー” “From whereー” “What areー” “Until nowー” “ーthat!?”

Since everyone was talking at the same time, she couldn’t follow all of them.

It couldn’t be called a conversation anymore, it was just noise. The only thing that Ferris barely understood was that she was being asked something.

She doesn’t understand why she’s being asked or why her classmate who paid no attention to her before suddenly came to her. Continue reading

The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon? – Prologue

It’s just teaser, I don’t really plan to translate it I just found out it’s interesting.
This series is heavy, really heavy.



7 Brumaire1, Year 438 of Continental History, Weissburg forest.

On 7 Brumaire, Year 438 of Continental History, One country disappeared from maps and from history.

The name of the country is Weissburg Earldom. It’s one of three hundred monarchies which belong to Holy Rhineland Union Empire. It’s a country of elves race who live in forest and good at magic and using bows. Continue reading