Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 22

This one is short!

Chapter 22.
Eh, Summer Camp Arc is Starting?

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


— The day after I heard Ruina’s story

Ruina apologized to student council members for being too much.

“About yesterday, we are fine with it. We know that Ruina-sensei do that for our sake. I also realize my own incapability, so do the other members. I’d rather to thank you.”

Elenoa said that and the other three girls (loli, glasses, and puppy) also didn’t mind about yesterday, so it’s fine right?

Linde also scared at first, but in the end she back to her usual self when interact with Ruina.

With this, one thing was resolved. Continue reading

Happy New Year!! and some info update


First thing first, Happy New Year to you all.
Yeah, I know some parts of the worlds are not celebrating new year yet. But It’s already new year for me, it’s already 2018 here.
Once again, Happy New Year! I hope this new year will be a great year for us.

And, so. What we, I will do in this year? Well, I hope I could doing better at anything, better at translating, better (faster) at updating, or at least I could regain my speed at updating like two months ago.

Well, this is what happened to me two months ago.
I got sick for couple weeks and couldn’t leave the bed. Once I recovered, and tried to do some translate things, my PC exploded, literally. Well, at least I didn’t loose my data since the hard drive is fine. So I need to enslaving my self to buy new PC. I hate working, really hate it.

Somehow it’s hard for me to do things not in my PC, laptop just made me want to play some games, watch anime or read manga. Tablet made me want to read some novels, read, not write. So, finally I got new PC yesterday. Well, actually it’s not new, it’s used one. as NEET, I can’t afford new one.

Okay, for this year plan, still working on current series. I won’t add new series at least until Hentai maid Vampire finished, it’s short, only 36 chapters or so. So, maybe tomorrow (2nd Jan) I’ll start to update again.

Thanks to you whoever read this…
Happy new year!

From your translator, Yuriko Aya


Aya Fell Ill


Ughh… when I tried to get up from my bed and come to my computer, someone pulled my cloth and stopped me.

When I looked at behind me, someone there. Cute girl around 20 years old, with black black straight long hair. Her eyes were brown. She was very resemble me. Well, she is my sister. But unlike me, there were beautiful twin hills that look like very soft and very pleasant to be touched. Ah, I wanna touch them….

She was sat beside my bed while holding my pajama. There was angry shown on her face. Her eyes sharply looked at me.

“Stop it!! What will you do while you are sick!?”

Yeah, I was sick, from last few days, I can’t leave my bed. Being nursed by beautiful sister on the bee is some happiness, but I need my computer!!

“But, but, but, my readers are waiting. I can’t let them dissappointed.”

“No! You can’t Aya! You need to rest!”

“No! I’ve rest too much… I nee my daily dose of internet…”

“I said no! If you keep like this, we’ll have bondage play and I will tie you to the bed.”

Ah, it’s dangerous!! I don’t want to be tied to the bed.

What should I do to get free from her? Hmm, maybe I could do that…

“Then, then, if you kiss me, I will back to the bed….”

Yes! She became silent. It’s working… so that I though. 

But I was surprissed that her lips met mine.

After some this and that, there was no choice for me except went back to the bed. I was completely defeated…

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 16

Chapter 16
The Girl Named Alicia

Translated by Yuriko Aya []
Edited by FrozenInk


“Alicia-chan. The score from the ability test before, it was as great as ever. Surely you’ve tried your best.”

“Thank you very much.”

Praised by Lotte-sensei inside the teacher’s room, Alicia bowed.

It was break time now, And there were teachers here and and there in the room.

Alicia was called by Lotte-sensei because there was something that they needed to talk about and was brought to teacher’s room. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 10 – Explorer Registration

This chapter is short, but somehow hard to translate…

Chapter 10
Explorer Registration and Goblin Trade


Document that Aria took out looked like registration document. There were some space for wrote here and there.

“Well then, please give this document a drop of blood.”

Miko gave a single drop of blood. After that, on the blank space of paper, Miko’s personal information appeared. Name, age, and level,  were recorded in there.

“Here is, optional status, please enter your skill here. There is no problem to not write any skill that you don’t want anyone to know.”

Miko wrote her skill status honestly. When she wrote her skill one by one, Aria’s face dyed with surprise. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 20

Sorry, just being lazy busy lately…

Chapter 20
Ruina’s Past part 2

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


“Already over~? Onee-san disappointed.”

After few hours since the battle was started….

The only one who still standing was black haired woman who grew two horns like sheep.

She looked at collapsed “Cat Works” with a bored face. Continue reading

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 15

A Shocking truth about Ferris.

Chapter 15
The Palace of Truth

Translated by Yuriko Aya []
Edited by FrozenInk

After that, Ferris continued to analyze magic.

It couldn’t be helped that she was having fun. Jut with her words, fire and ice were born, it was as ifs a huge change was occurring in the world.

To find out how high she can go, and how much magic she could achieve, she read a lot of books in library. She wanted to increase her ability as far as possible. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 09 – Explanation About Explorer

You know, actually, there are four series of “The Story of Drifted Girls in Different world”
The adventure of Miko (100+ chapter) which I translated.
The adventure of Claire (12 chapters) it’s yuri, and I have interest in it.
The adventure of Ayumu (6 chapters) yuri but I have no interest.
The adventure of Miwa (7 chapters) not yuri, unless the dragon transformed into girl.

Chapter 9
Explanation About Explorer

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Then about explorer, basically it can be said they are doing various things. Request that explorer do is called mission, the contents are various things, starting from cleaning house to monster subjugation. Explorer divided by its rank, Starting from H-rank to A-rank, there are also S, WSDouble S, and TSTriple S-rank. Also each rank have different color, Continue reading

Hentai Maid Vampire to Ojousama no Pantsu – 04

Hentai Maid Vampire Wants to Lick Lolita Ojousama’s Pantsu Chapter 4
A Kiss From Nightmare

There is no ecchi scene in this chapter, but still, I’ll still warn you!

I tried to combine 3rd and 1st person pov, so it’s bit messed up.

This work contains girls love, explicit scene, rape, blood and something alike. If you are under 18 years old, or you are not good with anything mentioned before, please, do not read this work, please.

Don’t blame me for translating, nor the author for creating, blame yourself for reading.

If you are insist, here’s the link: Continue reading