The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon? – Prologue

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This series is heavy, really heavy.



7 Brumaire1, Year 438 of Continental History, Weissburg forest.

On 7 Brumaire, Year 438 of Continental History, One country disappeared from maps and from history.

The name of the country is Weissburg Earldom. It’s one of three hundred monarchies which belong to Holy Rhineland Union Empire. It’s a country of elves race who live in forest and good at magic and using bows. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 11

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Chapter 11
Idle Story: The Goddess Wants to See Yuri Harem


This story will answer why Nagi was brought to different world.

This story is from The Goddess’ point of view.

Hm~ hm~ hm~

I hummed a song while watching a certain picture.

In that picture there is a figure of beautiful girl with black hair.

The name of that beautiful girl is Ichijou Unagi ーーー the girl who I brought to this world from another world.

“Lirus-sama, are you looking at that girl’s situation again? Are you not getting tired doing that?”

The one who asked me is an angel with pure white wings. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 10

There were mistakes in chapter 9 translation. It’s not the received damaged is transferred to barrier, but the one who received damage is transferred outside barrier. and more…
Next chapter, we will meet the Goddess.

Chapter 10
Duel Part 2 ーーーAnd I Got to Attend Magical School


“Nagi-sama, Irene-sama, here is black tea”
“Thank you”

After the duel ended, I and Irene, who is actually Ruina, were guided to a large room inside Akade Academy ーーー a faculty room.

Eh, what about the fight? Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 07

Hah… I’m back from hell….

Chapter 7
What!? My Status Become Weird!


“Hey, Nagi-chan, why you accepted to have duel?”

As soon as we left Cranberry, Ruina forced me to do dogeza.

“That, because I don’t like how that girls saw us and I don’t like that Ruina is being ridiculed…”

I answer her with confusion.

“I am happy that Nagi-chan  got angry for me, but duel, especially when the reason is personal it’s fine to refuse.”

Eehh, is that so? I thought that I must definitely respond if I challenged to get a duel.

“Oh well, you won’t be able to withdraw anymore. Since you already declared to accept that duel in front of such many people.”

Ruina staring at me.

Yeah, I like this kind of situation too. Continue reading

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 12

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Chapter 12
Practical Exam

The training ground was a large vacant land with a roof.

The roof is translucent and the sky can be seen through. The roof extends and becomes a wall that connects all the way to the ground.

As she entered training ground, Ferris tried to reach out, but slipped through and couldn’t touch it.

Ferris think this thing is called a “magical barrier” which was written in the magic textbook. Perhaps this is set as a safety measure so that magic within the training ground doesn’t leak out.

“Try not to enter inside of the barrier except Ferris. It’s dangerous”

Lotte-sensei instructs the students.

“Danger huh? I don’t think there is such thing, since it’s about the magic of a child who just entered middle class.” Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 06

Chapter 6
First date with Ruina


Since we no longer need to go to the adventurer guild so I decided to have a date with Ruena.

The town that we are in now, Lirs (TN: should I use Lirus?) , is quite popular town.

Many shops are lining up and crowded with many people.

“Lirs is also famous as a tourist destination.”
“Hee is that so? do you have any recommended shops?”
“Then I recommend Cranberries shop on this street, their pancakes are exquisite. Go there?”
“Pancake huh, that’s nice. Yosh, let’s go there. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 05

Chapter 5
Declaration To Get Closer With More Girls


“You seemed to be having fun yesterday,”

When heard such words while eating, I and Ruina simultaneously spout out our breakfast.

“Wow, dirty, please wipe it properly”

The voice that we heard was come from Noire-san, a beautiful woman with cat ears who is also the master of “House of Cat Ears”.

I heard she is in her thirties but no matter how you see, she looks like in her twenties.

Also her tits are also big. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 04

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Chapter 4
I Already Crossed The Line…


“House of Cat Ears”, as the name says, all employers were girls with cat ears.

What is this? Heaven?

“How is it? In here all employer are only cute girls with cat ears, right? When I got tired I always came here to be healed.”
“Yeah, this is the best!”

I get too excited and feel like to have nosebleed, but somehow I could suppress it. Continue reading