The Adventure of Miko 50 – The First Layer Part 3

Chapter 50
The First Layer Part 3

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The other three were surprised when Yuuna return to where they were waiting.

“Yuuna-chan fighting style surely nasty one. Well, you’re dhampir after all.”

“Yuuna-san, are you former assassin or something? You seemed really get used of it.”

“Yuuna-san fighting style is scary.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 49 – The First Layer Part 2

Chapter 49
The First Layer Part 2

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“Everyone seems to be fine with this layer. From now on everyone will join the battle.”

Even though Miko talk to them with bright face, the expression of three of them were stiff. When she thought that was weird,

“Ano, master. Originally, clucker is a monster where you need 5 people to defeat one. Not with beginners like us. And how can you cut clucker’s neck with one hit?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 48 – The First Layer Part 1

Chapter 48
The First Layer Part 1

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When four of them entered the tower, there was only meadow as far as they can see. There was not even small wall, but spiral stair could be seen, may be that was in the center of the layer. And behind them, there was a door. Only door with its frame alone without wall or anything.

“Uwaa, just like any***** door that used by cat robot somewhere. But, this world is really breaking the law of physics. From that appearance, there is no way it could be this wide inside!” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 46 – 4 People Bath 2

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone…
And see you next year…

Chapter 46
4 People Bath 2

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Heard Miko’s remark, the three of tem stiffened. And after a while, Yuuna was,

“…. Master, did you learn anything from yesterday?”

“That, you know Yuuna-chan. About yesterday, it’s not I didn’t like it. Such thing is somehow it was fun.”

Yuuna could only hold her head with her hand hearing Miko’s reply.

(This master, something must be done quickly.) Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 45 – 4 People Bath

Chapter 45
4 People Bath

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As always Sokra was in the counter whenever the girls went to counter.

“Sokra-san, the bath please. Is there any room for 4 people?”

“Waai, bath isn’t it? Of course. It’s cost 500 luks though, is it fine?”

Miko give nod and took out 5 silver coins to the counter. After receiving the money, Sokra give 4 towels to them.

“Well then, please use room number 44. Enjoy your bath.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 44 – 4 People Meals

Chapter 44
4 People Meals

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“Okay the, I’ll take Frenzy Cow roast beef and consume soup this time. How about everyone?”

“Pasta with minced orc meat for me, Master.”

Miko and Yuuna immediately decided what food they want, meanwhile Alisa and Shulyn still unable to choose. As expected, from standpoint of slave, eat same thing with the master was something unheard of. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 43 – Preparation Finished at General Store

Chapter 43
Preparation Finished at General Store

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Miko and her slaves went to the general store, the first store which Miko entered once she come to the town. The shopkeeper also still the same female worker as before.

“Welcome. Ah, customer the other day huh. Wait, who are there behind you?”

“Thanks, I came back. These girls? They’re my slaves.”

With Miko introduction, each of them give self-introduction.

“Well~, you really amazing. Less than 5 days since you become explorer and already have 3 slaves?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 41 – Alisa Equipment

Sigh… I think I return too fast…
I should return next month and prepare more materials…
Sigh… Gonna slow things down…

Chapter 41
Alisa’s Equipment

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The shop owner surprised seeing how quick Miko make decision.

“You, are you fine with this!? At first I thought you just some with some hobby, but to buy good weapons like these for slaves, normally it just unthinkable.”

“Well said. But, more or less, I’m their owner, I’ll be troubled if they die right. Just by this amount, it’s just cheap investment.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 40 – Brand New Weapon

Chapter 40
Brand New Weapon

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“Huh? Isn’t it love birds from the other day? Bringing new slave, you guys surely lovey dovey.”

Right after entering the weapon shop, the shopkeeper already make fun of Miko and Yuuna. It seems the shopkeeper still hold a grudge since they flirting in the shop when they came before. However Miko ignore it. Continue reading